Service, Maintenance and Repairs

As with any aircraft, regular and conscientious maintenance plays a big role in your safety and the service life of your gyrocopter.

AutoGyro Australia offers a full range of servicing and repair at our Byron Bay headquarters and across Australia including routine gyro servicing, professional rotor balancing and Rotax engine servicing to ensure that your gyro is in tip top condition and safe to fly.

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AutoGyro GmbH

As part of our commitment to safety we will publish publicly on this page, information regarding Service Bulletins released by AutoGyro GmbH, AutoGyro Australia and Rotax in regard to MT 03, MTO Sport, Calidus and Cavalon aircraft.

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AutoGyro Warranty Application and Incident Report
In order to support you with best services and professional help, you may find our form available for download.

Please fill in all data in case of a warranty application or an incident report, and ask our service stations, if you need any help.

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Rotax Service Bulletin

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