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Learning to fly the MTO Sport and Cavalon will put a huge grin on your face. These amazing machines will put the fun back into flying.

As with any aircraft, there is no substitute for proper training before you can safely enjoy flying an Auto-Gyro.

Gyro training used to be hard work! Students would typically start by flying in their Instructor’s 2-seat machine before completing their training on their own single-seat machine – it was like having to learn to fly twice, only the second time you were on your own!

With the MTO Sport all that has changed. The MTO Sport an exceptionally safe and stable training platform and when the time comes to go solo, your instructor can just step out and send you on your way.

Who Is Approved to Teach You to Fly a Gyroplane

Training can be carried out by any ASRA (Australian Sports Rotorcraft Association) authorized Gyroplane Instructor current on The MTO Sport or Cavalon aircraft.

Professional Gyrocopter flight training is available with our full-time Instructor CFI Oli Mueller in Byron Bay (YTYH). Please contact us for training with professional instructors in WA, SA, VIC and Queensland.

We have logged thousands of hours in aviation and have a full understanding of the students needs so check out our instructor locations and profiles for the one nearest to you.

How Long Does it Take

The qualification required to fly your MTO Sport or Cavalon is an ASRA Pilot Certificate. The precise requirements for this vary according to your qualifications when you start, but can be summarized as Ab-initio (no previous licence held) or Conversion where the students holds fixed wing pilot qualifications.

For Ab-Initio studends, there is a regulatory requirement of a minimum 20 hours of training which includes a minimum of 15 hours dual, and a minimum of 5 hours solo flying. Of course, there is also the necessary straightforward written exams to be passed as well.

For holders of a fixed-wing or ultralight Pilot Certificate, the training requirements are reduced significantly taking into account their previous experience and require a minimum of 5 hours. Usually it takes about 10 to 15 hours and the mandatory written exams to pass in order to complete the conversion. Generally their endorsements such as cross country and radio are fully recognised by ASRA.

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Gyro Training

Gyro Training