AutoGyro Australia

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AutoGyro Imports PTY LTD aka AutoGyro Australia is the sole importer of the German designed and manufactured best selling MTOclassic and Sport 2017, Calidus and Cavalon Gyrocopter.

Built for the 21st Century, the MTOclassic, Sport 2017, Calidus and Cavalon are a combination of astonishing performance, German engineering, factory-built quality and reliable Rotax power.

With well over 3000 aircraft sold world wide, to date, MTOclassic, Sport 2017, Calidus and Cavalon gyroplanes offer their owners stylish good looks, performance, unparalleled flying safety, enjoyment and above all else product support backed by the factory.

MADE IN GERMANY  We pride ourselves on being able to offer to the Australian aviation industry a range of gyro aircraft that are designed and maunfactured to the highest standards.

Our headquarters are at Tyagarah Airfield, Byron Bay in Northern NSW, just 25 minutes away from Gold Coast Airport and Byron Gateway Airport, where we offer trial instructional flights (TIFs) in our famous MTO models and the state of the art Cavalon Gyrocopter. For all inquiries please contact Oli Mueller who is our Chief Flight Instructor, CEO and Managing Director of Auto Gyro Australia.

Professional maintenance, servicing and rotor-balancing is carried out in our Byron Bay location by friendly and experienced staff.

For all your inquiry please contact our Chief Flight Instructor and professional gyrocopter mechanic Oli Mueller on: 0487 50 25 50  or  Email:

Why do Australian pilots choose to fly Gyroplanes from AutoGyro:

Quality, innovation and styling are the three key components when it comes to the AutoGyro Brand. I do, “Enjoy the Difference”!


David L.


Because I’m a gyro pilot, I’m adventurous, and I’m curious about the dynamics of various commercial brands of gyroplane. I can only compare Auto Gyro superiority by flying them all.

Graham D.


They are well built, reliable, look amazing and aligned with German craftsmanship and innovation
Mark A.

Gyro Flying Instructor

  • A U T G Y R O stands for:
    -Aeronautical excellence
    -Ultimate freedom
    -Timeless design
    -Outstanding engineering
    -German precision
    -Yields exhilaration
    -Rotax performance
    -Only choice really
Michael B.

Student Pilot

They are simply the number one consideration  internationally… oh! And did I mention I own one ????
Gary W.

Gyro + Helicopter Flying Instructor

They are awesome! They are forgiving and very resilient in sticky situations; stable and trustworthy!
Colin M.


Sensation of freedom  with the wind in your face 
Like riding  a motorcycle in the sky doesn’t get any 
better or simpler than  that 
Sheer freedom
John C.


Because helicopters are too expensive, gyrocopters feel like surfing on the air, and they look like something from a cartoon. Gyros reflect who I am by how they look, and I’m smitten

Chandler F.


I love AutoGyro aircraft for its reliability, user friendliness, and the amazing look!
Nat G.


Style, agility and simplicity in panel design make the Autogyro a pleasure to fly and handle. Having an instructor who owns and is passionate about flying an Autogyro makes it an obvious choice of machine for new and seasoned Gyronauts.

Colin L.


I’m a Calidus owner so it’s any easy answer. Firstly, the great instructor who convinced me it will “all come together”, eventually it did. Learning in the MTO sport was great fun, however I knew long term the open cockpit wasn’t for me.  The Calidus was a perfect fit for me and I have no regrets or doubts about my Calidus choice. It’s a fantastic machine and 1 up,,its a motorcycle in the sky.
Brian W.


The thrill of stress free flying  at low slow pace
Not missing any of this Beautiful views this Lovely country has to offer. 
Cheap, safe and so enjoyable. 
Fly at your own pace if you want to see something again simply turn and see face into the wind for a Grate experience
Keith L.


German engineered, reliable modern design, easy to fly with lots of extras available.
George H.