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AutoGyro is the No.1 choice of Australian gyro pilots out of all factory-build gyroplanes in quality & safety and is market leader in Australia.

The German Company AutoGyro is the world leader in the innovation, production, and distribution of gyroplanes. Production commenced in 2003, and since then AutoGyro has proudly produced and delivered more than 3.100 aircraft across the globe. AutoGyro has built gyroplanes for more than 20 years and has the highest market share in the entire global gyroplane industry.

MADE IN GERMANY. AutoGyro is based in Hildesheim, Germany, where all the AutoGyro models are developed in-house and where more than 90% of the aircraft parts are manufactured. That’s why AutoGyro stands for the highest quality in Gyroplanes and is the largest gyro-manufacturer world-wide. And it’s not a surprise that these stunning German-engineered aircraft are fully certified by numerous national aviation authorities.

AutoGyro is the only gyroplane manufacturer in the world with certification approval for gyroplane commercial flight operations and the only Gyroplane in Australia with B-CAR section T approval, a requirement in Australia for flying in controlled airspace.

Welcome to the website of AutoGyro Australia, the sole importer and distributer of AutoGyro Products in Australia. Contact us today and enquire about our next generation gyroplanes. Fly and feel the difference.