Flying a ‘New Generation’ Gyroplane In Australia

“The ultimate student reference guide to flying a New Generation gyroplane”

This quality book, with 102 full colour diagrams, contains all the briefings required for pilot training. It is clear, concise and has the odd touch of humour while giving you everything you need to know about in how to fly these fantastic machines.

It is the only book currently available which has been specifically written for ‘New Generation’ gyroplanes and it is fully up to date. It is not a general purpose book on gyroplanes and there is no “history” section or repetition that you get in other books on gyroplanes.

This is 100% geared towards learning to fly and all the examples relate to the best selling MTO Sport. It also contains the information that you need for the PPL Gyroplane Technical exam (UK only). It is ideal if you already know “how to fly” and you “want to learn to fly a Gyroplane”.

Owning this book could save you hours in training time, making it a worthwhile investment if you are serious about learning to fly a new generation autogyro so order yours today and get a head start on your theory

RRP A$ 90.00 plus p&h ($10 in Australia/$30 International)

‘New Generation’ Gyrocoplane Book