Neil Farr’s ferry flight of a MTO-Sport to Rockhampton. Read here his story:

Departed Skyranch at 7.15 AM Saturday 13 Oct.
Tracked over Goondiwindi and on to Taroom where a quick stop was made for a sandwich.Leg time 4 hours.
Tracked north to Tartrus and arrived 2 hours and 20 mins later.
Spent the afternoon moving machinery on Tom and Jenny’s magnificent property before Tom and I went for an evening flight .
The house is situated on an escarpment overlooking the property and was a great place to sit and have an evening refreshment.
Sunday was spent mostly getting Tom and Jenny back up to speed in the gyro after a lengthy lay off.
Cameron,the gun chopper pilot in the area,turned up with some of his mates to sample what gyro flying is all about.
They went away very impressed with it’s capabilities and operating costs and were talking about finding out more in the future.
Tom and Jenny were soon flying very well and are going to find the gyro very usefull for checking their vast expance of crops as well as their many stud brahman cattle which are spread over a large area.They say the MTO Sport 914 will save them time and money and I’m sure they will have a lot of fun doing it.
Monday morning was spent doing a few more circuits before Jenny drove me the 2 hours to Rockhampton to catch a flight to Brisbane and on to Tamworth.
One thing for sure,they both had the gyro grin.