Mick,Neil,Dean,and George recently flew 4 Cavalons to Wallsend,Newcastle,for an overnight stay. Dean and George departed early and flew across the range to Old Bar to meet up with the guys from Luskintyre in their tiger moths.Jeff,Warren ,and Rick also flew up from Newcastle to Old Bar in 2 MTO Sports and a Calidus.After lunch,the boys fueled up and headed back to Wallsend. Due to commitments at The Sky Ranch,Mick and Neil did not depart untill 3PM for the almost 2 hour flight over the Hunter Valley.Luckily they arrived just in time as George was getting mighty thirsty and could not have held out much longer. A great evening was had and an overnight stay in the house at the airfield.Many thanks to Jeff and the boys at Wallsend airstrip for their hospitality. Next morning saw the Tamworth boys taking an early morning flight over the beaches of Newcastle and around Lake Macquarie. After packing our gear on board it was off to Luskintyre to check out the home of the tiger moths. Frank and his friends made us feel very welcome and offered us a capacino in exchange for a ride in the Cavalon.As usual they were very impressed. After a guided tour of their amazing facility,it was off back up the Hunter Valley for the trip home. Seeing the 4 Cavalons flying together was a great sight. George and Mick dropped off at Quirindi,Dean headed home to Moore Creek,and Neil continued on to the Sky Ranch. A top weekend,and one likely to be repeated in the near future.