As with any aircraft, regular and conscientious maintenance plays a big role in your safety and the service life of your gyro.

AutoGyro Australia offers a full range of servicing and repair at our Manilla facility including routine gyro servicing and Rotax engine servicing to ensure that your gyro is in tip top condition and safe to fly.

As some of our clients opt for servicing at their location, we offer off site servicing by quotation. While this is not the the cheapest option it has proven to be the most convenient option for them. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Chad Summers is looking after your Service/Maintenance and repairs.

Chad has has over 25 years In the aircraft engineering sector, Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with experience on small single engine and large multi engine helicopters through to Light sport aircraft, warbirds all the way up to large passenger carrying aircraft (Bombardier, Dash-8 Q400).

Over 10 years experience in the servicing and repair of the Rotax range of aircraft engines, ranging from line maintenance to overhaul and repair.


phone: 0405 339 858